What is in a home?

Go Set a Watchman Parts 5-7 Hello everyone and welcome to my last post on this blog! (unless I decide to pick up blogging as a hobby, who is interested in joining my book club?) I have just finished reading the novel Go Set a Watchman, and honestly, I really liked it. It's weird, but I have this… Continue reading What is in a home?


Romantic Relationships and their relation to Gogol’s americanization

The Namesake Chapters 5-8 As one grows older, they are forced to make important decisions. Where will they be continuing their post-secondary studies? Where do they want to live? What do they want to be? Who do they want to marry? As I continue reading further into The Namesake, one recurring theme seems to become… Continue reading Romantic Relationships and their relation to Gogol’s americanization

Cultural Identity Crisis

The Namesake Chapters 1-4 As a first-generation immigrant - moving from my homeland Algeria at the young age of 4 - I have lived most of the life I remember in a country whose culture was foreign to me. Growing up, I would struggle to find a middle-ground between my Algerian and newly-Canadian roots. On saturday mornings, I would attend language school and [...]