About me

13962567_10206906852022505_4101149114444114048_nHi there, that’s me in the picture on the left. My name is Lisa, I am a 16-year-old girl, and I will be writing blog posts analyzing the various literary texts I read in my grade 12 english class. I am currently reading The Namesake so make sure to keep an eye out on my next blog post as well as comment on them! I always love getting feedback on my writing as well as my analysis of literary pieces.


Enough about english and a bit more about me now…

I have Algerian and French roots. My passions include Tae Kwon Do, Track& Field and Sciences! (Perfect mix, right?). I like to read a lot on my free time, and my favourite books include Looking for Alaska and The Diary of an Oxygen Thief. My favourite color is yellow and I love pizza. I aspire to continue my post-secondary studies in either aerospace or mechanical engineering. I spend my free time watching every chick flick available on Netflix or hanging out with my friends.

Hope this gave you more insight on my blog and myself, enjoy reading! 🙂