What is in a home?

Go Set a Watchman Parts 5-7 Hello everyone and welcome to my last post on this blog! (unless I decide to pick up blogging as a hobby, who is interested in joining my book club?) I have just finished reading the novel Go Set a Watchman, and honestly, I really liked it. It's weird, but I have this… Continue reading What is in a home?


Everything is not what it seems…

Go Set a Watchman Parts III and IV I just finished the next few chapters of the novel GSAW and man was it heavy... Not much plot development occurs, but it is definitely the section with the most character development so far. MORE RACISM!!! As I explained in my earlier post, I was very shocked… Continue reading Everything is not what it seems…

Romantic Relationships and their relation to Gogol’s americanization

The Namesake Chapters 5-8 As one grows older, they are forced to make important decisions. Where will they be continuing their post-secondary studies? Where do they want to live? What do they want to be? Who do they want to marry? As I continue reading further into The Namesake, one recurring theme seems to become… Continue reading Romantic Relationships and their relation to Gogol’s americanization

Cultural Identity Crisis

The Namesake Chapters 1-4 As a first-generation immigrant - moving from my homeland Algeria at the young age of 4 - I have lived most of the life I remember in a country whose culture was foreign to me. Growing up, I would struggle to find a middle-ground between my Algerian and newly-Canadian roots. On saturday mornings, I would attend language school and [...]